Relaxing Bath Salt
Bath Salt

Relaxing Bath Salt

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Product Description

These beautiful rock crystals from the Himalayas are extremely rich in mineral content and contain no environmental pollutants. They are renowned for their strong nutritional and soothing properties both externally & internally. Enhanced with the calming aroma of natural lavender, ylang ylang, bergamot and patchouli essential oils these bath salts relax the mind, body & spirit. A perfect bath to end a long day. Alternately use as a gentle body scrub or a foot/ hand soak to relax & pamper weary feet & hands.

Ingredients: Himalayan salt, sodium bicarbonate, essential oils of bergamot, ylang ylang, lavender and patchouli, and recommended preservative.

Direction: Dissolve a handful or about three tablespoons of salts under warm running water for a relaxing and soothing soak. Use two or more handfuls for a more intense experience.

This product is 99.32% natural.

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Bath Salt
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