Why Natural Soap?

As we know, all living things age over time. This process is called “oxidation” which is a normal life cycle that takes place in our bodies resulting in a deterioration of our skin-cells and this cumulative damage is known as aging. The actual culprits here are the “free radicals” which are triggered by the substances we use and consume in our daily living plus the polluted environment we live in. Since we can’t change, for most part, the environment in which we live the next best thing we can do is try to provide our bodies with the best care possible. This is why Green Pearl Ceylon developed this range of wellness products for both spa and home use starting with our soaps.

Many companies advertise themselves as being natural or organic or both. In some cases this may be true but in many its not. Many commercial mass produced soaps are made with synthetic detergents, chemicals and/or other artificial ingredients. There main purpose is to remove dirt and grease as cheap and fast as possible. These same chemical compounds used in commercial soap are also used to make detergents for washing dishes, cleaning toilet bowls and even removing grease from car engines and floors. It is hard to believe that anyone would use these same ingredients to make soap/shampoo/cleansing lotions which you use daily on your body but they do.

Unfortunately many people are unaware of the big difference between synthetic soap/ detergents and a soap/cleanser made exclusively of ingredients found in nature. Natural soap is hydrating and good for your skin because of the essential and base oils blended to make it. Commercial soap is made only from chemical detergents right down to the smell. Natural soap moisturizes your skin and keeps it soft, healthy and looking young while commercial soap dissolves your skins natural oils which your body produces resulting in clogged pores leading to dryness and in some cases skin irritation. The choice is quite simple when you think about it. Go natural.

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