Rose Luxury Soap with Cocoa Butter

Rose Luxury Soap with Cocoa Butter

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Net Wgt : 110 g

Product Description

Our hand made soaps have been created with the finest base and essential oils to make a bar soap which cleans and moisturizes. The natural glycerin produced by this cold process method of soap making is retained in the soap which leaves your skin feeling soft. This is a truly luxurious bar soap. Cocoa butter provides extra moisturizing and hardness. The special blend of rose, geranium and frankincense certainly creates a royal fragrance. This is a pure natural product made and packed by hand.

Ingredients: Olive oil, aqua, virgin coconut oil, palm oil, sodium hydroxide, cocoa butter, castor oil, essential oils of geranium, frankincense, bergamot, lavender and rose, sweet almond oil.

Fragrance created by essential oils.

Color created by natural ingredients. No synthetic colouring is used in our products.

All Natural Hand Made Soap

Suitable for face and body for all skin types.

Soap dish with drain recommended to keep the soap dry between uses.

Net weight – 110 gms /± 5% 

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